Momentai trading


At Momentai, we crave adventure of all types, but our expertise lies in air-cooled VW vans.  We regularly source and stock vintage Westfalia camper interiors for all models.  We also custom-make reproduction camper tents using OEM as well as custom designs and top shelf materials.  Let us know what you're after, we are here to help!

Momentai:  Cantonese for "No Problem"


Momentai is both our motto and our moniker.  We strive to provide the  most stress-free, personalized service.   From small part sourcing to vehicle purchase consulting we provide assistanc  for all of your automotive challenges. 

We're Bus-crazy


Tucked away in the Vermont hills is Momentai Trading, where (among other things) we are VW and Porsche obsessed!  


We offer a full array of services, from vehicle sales to parts sourcing, interior restorations and light mechanical repairs and refurbishments.  


At Momentai, we treat your VW adventure from a holistic perspective, catering to all aspects of the car- sourcing experience, tailored to your specific needs and desires. We do everything from serve up farm-fresh vehicles plucked from America's backyards to providing light restoration services like brakes, body and engine work.  We take the hassle out of your VW restoration, getting your project off to a good start by providing a running, driving, stopping vehicle that is a worthy platform for you to have your fun.  We call this service Pre-Storation.